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High-Profile Experience

With more than a decade of experience in the nation's toughest courtrooms, Attorney Ann Fitz offers her clients a rare combination of high-profile experience and a personal approach to the law.  Her cases have been featured by CBS 48 Hours Mystery, NBC Nightly News, Rolling Stone Magazine, Wired Magazine, and the Fulton County Daily Report. No case is too big or too small - Ann Fitz zealously fights for justice for all of her clients no matter what they've been charged with.

Professionally Respected

Ann Fitz is a trustworthy and ethical federal criminal defense attorney who has your best interest at heart and will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a successful result for you.  She was selected in 2013, 2014, and 2016 as a top-rated criminal defense "Rising Star" by Super Lawyers, an honor bestowed upon just 2% of all attorneys under the age of 40.

Fighting with You

With her knowledge of the law and her experience in federal court, Ann Fitz will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case, raise all defenses available under the law, and fight to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected.   She will work not only for you - but with you - on your case to make sure that your individual facts and circumstances are properly presented in your defense.  

Recent Case Results

Dismissal of Drug Charges Before Indictment

Client was pulled over on I-95 and charged with transporting drugs across state lines.  Ann Fitz challenged the illegal stop and subsequent search and seizure prior to indictment, resulting in a complete dismissal of the charges and allowing for the arrest to be expunged from her client's record.

Reduced Sentence in Federal Probation Revocation and Dismissal of Underlying State Charges

Client was months away from completing federal supervised release when he was arrested on new state-level charges.  Ann Fitz presented mitigating evidence to persuade the federal court to depart from the sentencing guidelines range and was able to negotiate a dismissal of the state charges.

Reduced Sentence in $12M Federal Tax Fraud

Client faced multiple charges for filing hundreds of tax returns claiming a bogus student deduction in exchange for a kick-back of the proceeds.  Ann Fitz negotiated a deal with the Government that allowed her to argue to the federal court certain mitigating factors which resulted in a significantly reduced sentence of 7 years, compared with the 18-22 year range calculated in the PSR and advocated for by the Government.

Appeal for Reduced Sentence in $2M Federal Ponzi Scheme

Client had gone to trial with another attorney and received a 20 year sentence for running an investment business with her husband that resulted in financial losses for its clients and was subsequently investigated by the SEC.  On appeal, Ann Fitz was successful in reducing restitution and persuading the court to reconsider the application of the federal sentencing guidelines.

Dismissal of Corruption Charges Before a Federal Grand Jury

Client was a federal employee who was being investigated by a federal grand jury for operating a fraternal organization that provided union-type benefits in exchange for monthly dues.  Ann Fitz filed a motion to quash a subpoena for documents arguing a violation of freedom of association and privacy rights, and provided other documentation that clearly demonstrated no violation in the law. The federal grand jury declined to return any charges and the case was dismissed.  

Acquittal at Trial of 2 Counts of Child Pornography

Client was charged with multiple counts of receiving and possessing child pornography. Ann Fitz worked extensively with a computer forensics expert to uncover evidence of a computer virus, which she presented to a federal jury at trial to secure an acquittal of 2 counts.

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