White Collar Criminal Defense

White Collar Crime Defined

White collar crime typically refers to a type of crime committed by business people, entrepreneurs, public officials, and professionals through deception, usually done in order to obtain large quantities of money. Thus, any financial crime is typically classified as a white collar crime. Often, in prosecuting white collar crimes, a charge of conspiracy will be brought. People who have no or very little involvement in a criminal enterprise can find themselves targeted by investigators after other defendants name them in a deal they've cut with prosecutors.

Examples of White Collar Crimes

Criminal defense lawyer Ann Fitz counsels, advises, and represents clients in white collar crime cases involving: 

•Corporate Crimes •Embezzlement •Money Laundering •Bank Fraud •Mortgage Fraud •Tax Fraud •Health Care Fraud •Insurance Fraud •Bankruptcy Fraud •Mail Fraud •Wire Fraud •Immigration Fraud •Insider Trading •Antitrust Violations •RICO/Continuing Criminal Enterprise •Obstruction of Justice

Avoiding Obstruction of Justice Charges

Too often, people who learn they are under investigation make the mistake of destroying or withholding documents from investigators. Doing so, however, may constitute obstruction of justice. As a result, people who were found innocent of the criminal charges against them have been sent to prison after being convicted for obstruction of justice. If you contact Ann Fitz early on in an investigation, we can help you comply with investigators without incriminating yourself. In some instances, we may be able to assert your rights when it's clear investigators are on a "fishing expedition," pre-empting further investigation of you.